About Us

About BAIF

BAIF Development Research Foundation (BAIF: https://baif.org.in/), is a non-profit organisation established in 1967, operating in 318 districts across in 13 states in India. BAIF has worked with more than five million farmers in more than 100,000 villages through its 6000+ member team. Its main focus is on empowering people through sustainable rural and tribal livelihoods. Its main focus is on empowering people through sustainable rural and tribal livelihoods. The main domain areas of BAIF are livestock development, tree-based farming and natural resource management. Livestock development is carried out through cross-breeding programmes as well as conservation of pure indigenous breeds of cattle, buffaloes and goats. Tree-based farming ensures year-round income primarily to tribal families through the adoption of agriculture, horticulture and forestry in the same piece of land. Natural resource management covers soil and water conservation through landscape approach and ecosystem restoration. Apart from these areas, BAIF works on applied research for development on livestock and crops, cross-cutting themes such as climate resilience, biodiversity conservation, community health, gender concerns, value chain development and enterprise promotion. BAIF is also undertaking initiatives in emerging technologies such as renewable energy, information and communications technology (ICT) and bio-recycling.

About our Books and Films

Development communication, a strong base of BAIF, aims at documentation and dissemination of the challenging and innovative journey of BAIF in rural development.  Over the last five decades, BAIF has built up a storehouse of books and documentary films which focus on the outcome of various research and development programmes as well as the experiences of BAIF’s field extension workers and participant farmers while implementing the multidisciplinary programmes in diverse agro-climatic conditions. These communication and extension material cover the development philosophy, approach and strategy of the organisation, core thematic programmes such as livestock development, natural resources management, climate resilience and tree-based farming, sustainable agriculture, community empowerment and quality of life.  Disseminated in the form of books, training and extension manuals, reports and proceedings, technical bulletins and user guides, these publications and extension films, which are the pride of our organisation, have transported the success of our Rural Development Programmes to various donor agencies, policy makers, field professionals and well-wishers of BAIF with encouraging response. These books and documentary films are priced competitively and contain valuable technical information and experience, which can surely enhance the knowledge base of field practitioners and development organisations in their pursuit of grassroots development.